ANNE FLØCHE (b. 1952)


"Anne FlÝche's work has a particular quality of movement. Her pots, mainly big dishes, bowls and bottles, are beautifully drawn, a freely expressive hand seen in bold and broad definition of form, depth and texture of glaze and an economic brush. These crawling pigments and lyrically abstracted motifs (such as coastal wading birds, fish and blossom trees) enrich the poetic charge of these pots and reveal a sensitive, gently humorous eye for the shapes and characters of the natural world. Her inspiration is markedly Eastern, but these objects relate as well to the ceramic history of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Turkey and Morocco. The result though is highly individual, a pottery of floating images - breezy evocations of time and place."

Written by David Whiting for Anne FlÝche's exhibition at Galerie Besson in 2000

Above: Anne FlÝche, 2008

Exhibitions at Galerie Besson

Summer Exhibition Jul - Aug 2010
Three Danish Potters Mar - Apr 2010
Twenty Years, Twenty Pots Sep - Oct 2008
Summer Exhibition Aug - Sep 2005
Anne Fløche Feb 2000
Commemorative Mugs for the Millennium Dec 1999 - Jan 2000
2 Danish Potters: Inger Rokkjaer & Anne Fløche Jan - Feb 1993
Eight Danish Potters Feb - Mar 1989

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